This new ‘holiday feeling’ cream will help banish winter blues

Web Team | 26th October 2019

Holiday blues could become a thing of the past this winter thanks to a new moisturising lotion which gives you ‘the holiday feeling’.


The ‘Holiday Feeling in a Bottle’ lotion is enriched with essence of mojito, sea salt and tropical palms – all of which were named as key ‘holiday feeling’ triggers.


TV personality John Barrowman is fronting a new ad campaign to promote it, which shows the exuberant star leisurely applying the lotion in a tongue-in-cheek video, captured on location at a resort in Punta Cana.


In it, he says: “Are you frustrated that your holiday feeling fades faster than your tan?


“Do you wish your holiday feeling lasted just a little bit longer?


“Well, have I got the answer for you.”



The moisturiser has been launched following research from TUI which found a huge 95 per cent of Brits wish they could make the elusive feeling last well beyond their holiday.


Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin has been named the top holiday feeling trigger, followed by stepping off the plane and feeling the wave of heat and exploring the local area.


The first sip of holiday cocktail, soaking up a picture-perfect view and swimming in the clear blue sea also ranked highly.


As did having dinner with a sea view and watching the sunset.


The limited edition ‘Holiday Feeling in a Bottle’ product is available free of charge at select TUI stores or at


1. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin
2. Stepping off the plane and feeling that wave of heat
3. Exploring the local area
4. Spending quality time with family and friends
5. Hearing the ocean
6. Soaking up a picture-perfect view
7. Not having to worry about day-to-day chores, like cooking and cleaning
8. Booking your holiday
9. Swimming in the clear blue sea
10. Having dinner with a sea view
11. Seeing your hotel room for the first time
12. Watching the sunset
13. Having your first swim in the pool
14. Looking at the weather report and seeing 100 per cent sun
15. Trying new foods
16. Packing your suitcase
17. Feeling of sand between your toes
18. Checking in at the hotel
19. Discovering a new culture
20. Smelling the salty sea air
21. Having a drink at the airport
22. Taking your first sip of a holiday cocktail, like a Pina colada or mojito
23. Researching where to go on holiday
24. Smelling your sun cream
25. Getting ready for dinner or evening activities
26. Booking a holiday excursion or trip
27. Checking in to your flight online
28. Putting your out of office on
29. Checking your holiday countdown clock – on an app or email
30. Having an ice-cream