Top 10 Most Annoying Hashtags

Christie Hutchinson | 15th October 2015

Whether you want to throw it back on a Thursday, post a selfie or just say ‘YOLO’ at the top of your lungs, there seems to be a hashtag for everything nowadays.


Online gaming site has looked into the ten most annoying hashtags we all come across when searching the web.


The list includes hashtags used by the rich and famous trying to justify their lavish lifestyles whilst we sit and stare out the office window.


It also identifies hashtags used by those of us looking to find an excuse to post that perfect photo.


A spokesperson, said: “The huge number of people checking Instagram and Twitter means hashtags are a great way of finding photos and tweets you might be interested in.


“But certain hashtags have now become so annoying they actually put followers off. Whether it’s a celebrity, blogger or friend from school, we all know those people that use annoying hashtags.


“It’s becoming pretty difficult to scroll through Instagram nowadays without being greeted by annoying slogans and catchphrases in the form of a hashtag.”


Here are the 10 most annoying hashtags: 


1. #Blessed

This hashtag is generally reserved for the social media elite – celebrities. Whether they’re relaxing on a yacht in the Caribbean or staying in a 5* hotel, ‘#blessed’ creates a humble justification as to why they’re living the high life and you’re not. It’s at its most annoying when celebs seem to be bragging about how good they’ve got it.

2. #Banter

Mainly used by students and young people to describe a night out with the ‘lads’ or to excuse posting THAT photo your friend asked you not to upload, it can now be found on almost anything. After many hilarious tweets from people across the globe who couldn’t understand what the quintessentially British hashtag meant, it now gets attached to any photo, even if there’s very little ‘#banter’ to be seen.

3. #NoHaters

The statement ‘No Haters’ seems like a fair request from someone receiving rude or hateful comments after posting a photo or status but this is often far from the case. For a start, the users of #NoHaters tend to have very few haters to ward off in the first place. In fact, it’s usually only used by people with public accounts and those who think they have more followers than they really do.

4. #NoFilter

Used by budding photographers, the desired effect of impressing your followers with your #NoFilter photo is often lost because, well, the photo could do with a filter. Whilst the sunset you just saw probably was beautiful, it doesn’t mean that the lens on your camera phone can capture it in the same way.

5. #ThrowbackThursday

Social media is filled with weekday related hashtags, from #ManCrushMonday to #TransformationTuesday, but none are quite as annoying as #ThrowbackThursday. Used by those who feel their youth is slipping away, this hashtag is reserved for nostalgia themed pics from your teenage years. But, whilst that probably was ‘THE BEST NIGHT EVER’ back in 2003 there’s really no reason to share it with the world.

6. #GoodVibes

This hashtag is used by all the optimists out there. Whether it’s those fitness fanatics who inspire us to hit the gym or that friend who just has to post at least one motivational meme a day, #GoodVibes is everywhere. Ironically, unless you’re already in an optimistic mood this hashtag often makes your followers feel patronised and a whole lot less cheery than before.

7. #Selfie

A phrase that feels like it’s been around since social media began, it’s safe to say that if you post a photo of yourself, stood in your bathroom mirror, pouting to the camera, then we know it’s a selfie without you posting #Selfie.

8. #Foodie

Being a ‘foodie’ is by no means a bad thing. It’s when anyone with a bowl of tagliatelle and a jar of pesto starts using #Foodie that users become irritated. It’s safe to say some users of this hashtag need a bit more practice before proclaiming themselves as a #Foodie.

9. #OOTD

To the untrained eye this hashtag makes very little sense but many social media users know that it simply means ‘Outfit of the Day.’ Fashion bloggers and celebrities use this hashtag as an excuse to post a photo of themselves every morning. This hashtag becomes especially annoying as it can only be used by the few who can afford a brand new outfit every day.

10. #YOLO

This list wouldn’t be complete without the infamous #YOLO. The phrase stands for ‘You Only Live Once.’ This hashtag began innocently enough but is now more commonly used by those wanting to Instagram that Mocha they couldn’t quite afford or the slice of cake they should be avoiding. Sadly, #YOLO just isn’t quite as inspiring as it used to be and is just plain annoying.