Top 10 reasons why we love Manchester!

Adam McManus | 3rd June 2017

With all that has been happening over the last few weeks, Manchester has been the focus of the world. Manchester has proven yet again that it can bounce back from whatever is thrown at the marvellous city and come back stronger. With the benefit concert right around the corner, we can take a look at 10 things that make Manchester great!

10. The Whitworth Gallery. Manchester is home to some of the finest pieces of artwork which can all be seen from the Whitworth Gallery. A vital part in not only Manchester’s art legacy but also all of Europe’s.

9. The Poet Laureate. If you attend Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) then you might get lucky to meet the poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy. She’s the first female, Scottish and openly LGBT person to ever hold the position. She’s currently a professor at the university and has wrote many great poems which are studied across the UK from GCSE the degree level.

8. Shopping. Manchester is renowned for its fashion and diversity in clothing. Home to two of four Selfridges in the UK, you can never go wrong and have fun shopping round the fashionable city. The Arndale located in the city centre is open seven days a week. The Trafford Centre, the third biggest shopping center in the UK, is not much further away either and holds all your needs in life.

7. Food. Everyone loves food and so does Manchester! With many restaurants open till late and fast food places open at all hours, there is no wonder restaurants are bursting with excitement and people. If you haven’t already, it is so important that you go to the curry mile that lives in Manchester. A long line of south Asian and middle eastern food awaits you.

6. Piccadilly Gardens. After recently having a beautiful fountain upgraded, Piccadilly Gardens is the best place to go to during the lovely warm weather. With fountains that shoot as high as the sky, surrounded by many restaurants, Piccadilly Gardens is the place to be to bring people together.

5. Music. Music is always thriving round Manchester, with consistent gigs and concerts all over the city, music can be heard from arenas, bars and the streets. The popular band Oasis also formed in Manchester, originally named The Rain, they set out to become one of the biggest bands ever. The city is just full of music culture.

4. Manchester’s Gay Village. Manchester has always been open to the LGBT community with its friendly and welcoming village for all. Pride is every last weekend of August of every year and continues to become more popular and bigger each time. They also recently had their very first openly gay mayor. The Village is the place to be for a great night out.

3. Northern Quarter. A small area in Manchester, Northern Quarter is very popular for welcoming all types of people and being very original and indie with its bars, shops, foodie places and fashion. If you’re a huge fan of cocktails too, NQ will surely serve your needs. NQ is on top of your bucket list to visit.

2. Media City. Home to the BBC and ITV, Media City is a beautiful place to visit for its landmarks and beautiful scenery of the docks. There is plenty to do here, from taking a tour of the BBC, shopping in the outlet or watching some theatre at The Lowry. You may also bump into some celebrities from Coronation Street which is filmed nearby!

1. Mancunians. What makes a great city? The people and Mancunians, or Mancs for short, are the heart and beauty of Manchester. Their very own logo, the bee, covering street bins and walls in graffiti, shows how this city’s people come together in times of need. With so much diversity and different people from various backgrounds, Manchester has always been a welcoming home for anyone to settle.