Top 15 Secret Uses For Your Hair Dryer & Hairspray You Never Knew About

Jayna Patel | 5th August 2015

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From using hairspray to make flowers last longer to using your hair dryer to iron clothes, new research has shown how to make your everyday hair products go further.
The experts at online hair and beauty retailer have found multipurposes for your hairspray and hairdryer.
Some beauty tips included setting make up with hairspray and speeding up manicures with a hair dryer.
Surprising household tips also feature, making your shoe polish last longer and cleaning candle wax off furniture.
A spokesperson from said: “It’s great to find out that your essential hair products can also help around the house.
“This research has uncovered some well hidden secrets. We never would have thought to use hairspray to stopping your skirt from riding up or to stretch out skinny jeans with a hair dryer.”

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–       Set make up
If you want your make up to last for a big night out, spritz hairspray directly above you then tilt your head back and let the spray fall onto your face.
–       Bug spray
If you want to keep the mosquitos at bay this summer, try using hairspray as a bug spray. It’s less toxic but just as effective at stopping creepy crawlies in their tracks.
–       Shoe polish protector
Spray a light coat over shoes after polishing to set the colour and make the shine last.
–       Cut flower life extender
To make your bouquet live for longer, spray the underside of cut stems with hairspray. It seals in the moisture to keep blooms fresh for days.
–       Remove static
There’s no point to getting your hairstyle in place for it to be ruined by static clothes. To avoid this, spray the garment with hairspray to neutralise the electric charge.
–       Laddering in tights
We’ve all been there when you’ve walked out the door and already there’s a ladder in your tights. Instead of letting it get worse as the day goes on, spritz some hairspray on them; they’ll last until you can get a new pair.
–       Stop dresses and skirts from riding up
To keep everything in place when wearing a short skirt or dress, put a thin layer of hairspray over your legs and the top of your thighs. It’s the same trick used by gymnasts to keep their leotards in shape.

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–       Remove stubborn stickers and labels
If you’ve got a sticker that won’t come off cleanly in one go, give it a blast with your hair dryer. Heating the glue makes it more malleable therefore easier to peel away.
–       Get candle wax off furniture
If you’ve had a wax dripping disaster on wooden furniture, the best way to get rid of it is heating it up again. Put the dryer on medium heat until it starts to melt then wipe away.
–       Warming your bed
If you hate getting into a cold bed at night, give your sheets a nice warm up with the hairdryer. A much cheaper alternative to an electric blanket.
–       Drying nails
Great for when you’re doing your nails in a hurry, whack them under the hairdryer for five minutes for a smudge-free manicure.
–       Stretching skinny jeans
If your skinny jeans are stiff after coming out the wash, warm them up with your hair dryer to stretch out the fabric and pull them on easily.
–       Break in new shoes
Pop on a few pairs of socks, put on the shoes and blast them with hot air in the tight spots to avoid any nasty blisters on the first outing.
–       Ironing clothes
Forget useless travel irons, for crease-free clothes on your holidays just use your hairdryer. Hang your clothes in the bathroom while you shower to get them steamy then lay them on the bed and blast away the wrinkles.
–       Defrost freezer
If you need to defrost your freezer in a hurry, use your hair dryer.