Top 8 Christmas Stress Busting Products

Annie Korn-Morris | 13th December 2017

Tis the season to be jolly… and really stressed!

Manic shopping trips, too many presents to wrap and trying to cook for the whole family; it’s basically a meltdown waiting to happen, which is why it is more important than ever to practice some self-care. There are tons of helpful tips and tricks to help keep you sane at this time of year, but here at Viva, we have something a little different. We have compiled a list of some of the best products and apps to aid your quest for calm, allowing you to actually enjoy this Christmas!

1. Have a luxurious and relaxing bath using Olverum bath oil.

This therapeutic bath oil is a natural mix of various essential oils including lavender, juniper and lemongrass. Each essential oil has been carefully selected for its own unique healing and relaxing properties. Using Olverum in the bath is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling silky soft and your mind feeling de-stressed.

For 125ml bottle, which will last you for 25 baths, it is £29.00 and for a 250ml bottle, which will last you 50 baths, it is £53. They can be purchased at Liberty, Conran, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick.

2. Step away from the jitter-inducing coffee and drink calming chamomile tea instead.

Clipper Calmer Chameleon tea is a great alternative to coffee and other hot drinks, which may be full of sugar or caffeine. This lovely tea contains calming chamomile, sweet honeybush and warming festive cinnamon. It can be bought in most supermarkets and health food shops.

3. Catch up on some much needed Zzzz’s using Nutri-Derma’s organic pillow spray.

There are few things in life that will make you feel worse than a really bad night’s sleep, in fact not only does it make you feel physically exhausted but it can also have a detrimental effect on your general mental wellbeing. This is why it is important to do whatever you can to get that good night of sleep you deserve, and need, especially at Christmas!

Nutri-Derma’s organic pillow spray contains lemon, lavender, bergamot and rosemary, and is designed to help you wind down and settle into a deep sleep. It can be bought from here for £9.95.

4. Top up your depleting energy sources using a vitamin B12 and vitamin D oral spray.

Taking these handy vitamin oral sprays means that taking your vitamins is easy peasy (and they taste pretty nice too!) Vitamin B12 is an important supplement to take as it is a hard one to absorb via food, plus it will give you that boost you need for all the Christmas parties… And vitamin D is a must during these cold, dark months to stave off colds and keep your immune system in tip top form!

5. Try Kalms Lavender capsules or Vie Stress Relief Patches to help you keep calm and carry on.

If your stress about Christmas is verging more into milk anxiety territory, then these all natural remedies are for you. Kalms Lavender capsules are a one-a-day tablet you can take to help ease symptoms of anxiety, or if you prefer something a little different, the Vie Stress Relief Patches are here to help! The little patches contain all natural ingredients, which are able to go directly into your bloodstream via your skin and aid your stress for a 24 hour period.

The lavender capsules are sold here for £6.49, and the patches are sold here for £8.95.

6. Take a moment to practice mindfulness with Reeves colouring in postcards.

One way to conquer Christmas stress is by making practicing some mindfulness, and what better way to go about this than to get involved in 2017’s biggest trend of adult colouring-in books? Reeves colouring-in postcards are a great way to de-stress and practice mindfulness, all whilst creating something pretty that you can send to a friend or family member!

7. Relax and recover using Isla Apothecary bath salts.

Having a bath is one of the most stereotypical ways to wind down and have some me time, but it also really works. But, if you want to advance your bathtime routine to higher levels, Isla Apothecary bath salts are one way in which to do this. Containing a mix of beneficial essential oils, dried lavender and epsom salts, these bath salts are bound to help you relax and leave your skin feeling and smelling amazing. If you use the bath salts before bedtime, they may help aid a better and deeper sleep as well.

Here is the Isla Apothecary website, where you can check out their whole range.

8. Try using the mental wellbeing app Remente.

The free app, which can be found in the IOS and Google app stores, is designed to help users increase their mental strength, which is perfect for getting you through this stressful time. It combines psychology with brain and mental training to help users improve their mental wellbeing and provide them with mindfulness and stress management strategies. Using the app, you can track your mood daily, set personal goals and complete helpful tutorials.