Top tips for changing your interior décor to match the winter weather

VIVA Team | 2nd December 2015

We all know it’s getting colder, right? We’re scraping ice off our cars in the morning, using our heating a whole lot more, and with December first landing this Sunday, Christmas is quite literally, just around the corner. We’re sure you won’t be far off putting your tree up, but have you prepared the rest of your home for the cold months ahead?


It’s no secret that what’s bang on trend in the Summer, doesn’t stay in trend all Winter long – because of both practical and aesthetic reasons relating directly back to the season. So if you still haven’t started changing your interior décor around in preparation for the season ahead, here are some of our top tips on how you can do so.


Incorporate Warm Colours


When looking for tips to sell your house fast, a lot of the time you’re encouraged to paint your walls a neutral shade, etc. This is because it optimises the space that you have available in your home, as well as giving potential buyers a blank canvas to work with when they imagine their own furniture there.


If you’ve opted for a neutral shade for your walls, as most do for this very reason, then there’s no need to worry. All colour schemes, even the cosy ones, need neutral shades in order to balance them accordingly – otherwise it would be all round too dark, and the last thing we want in the cold dark months – is more dark.


This is why it’s a good idea to incorporate warm shades into your neutral décor for Winter. Think festive reds, mustard yellows and burnt oranges. If you like, colours like royal blue and forest green pair perfectly well with these warm shades and give a room a stylish, chic yet cosy vibe.


No one is saying go crazy and paint your rooms these colours. Simply adding touches of them is enough. It could be that you choose to paint a feature wall for the Winter season, or even that you add these colours in through art and accessories. The overall feel these colours give is perfect for Winter, both before and after Christmas, so give it a go! You’ll be surprised at how a few accents can transform a space.


Think Texture


As well as looking cosy, of course, you’ll want your home to FEEL cosy too. And what better what to do that, than by incorporating textures into your home? The easiest way of doing this, is without a doubt, by adding rugs, throws and cushions into the house.


Have a look around, and think, how can I adorn what I already have with cosy feeling items? Whether you have carpet or wood floors, a soft and fluffy rug never goes amiss, and is lovely to sink your feet into. It also looks great, frames a room well, and adds that little bit of extra insulation into a cold room.


Remember that throws, and cushions aren’t just for beds – and they almost certainly aren’t just decorative! This winter, take a look around the shops and look for a variety of blankets and cushions in different textures. Think fluffy, plush and even velour – but above all, think about how comfy they’d be to sleep on. Let’s face it, there’s nothing nicer than those late afternoon snoozes in the Winter months, just as the day is starting to darken and get colder. Make it all the more enjoyable by kitting your home out to be the perfect napping space. You’ll not regret it, and it’ll look amazing too – not to mention it’s perfect for Christmas.


If you haven’t already, and this is a practical tip, replace your Summer curtains with thicker, heavier duty Winter alternatives. Not only will it keep a room warmer by blocking out any sort of draughts in the windy weather, but this season is all about being indoors, blocking the world out, and enjoying time in with the family, so it’s ideal for that too.


Light it Up


Finally, in the Winter, it’s all about cosy lighting – so here are just a couple of idea for you.


Wax melt lights are great, because you can get some gorgeous winter scents and they give off lovely light – as are all kinds of warm white lamps and fairy lights.


Remember, fairy lights are NOT just for Christmas, so use them year round! They look amazing around shelving units, the window and even on the exterior of your home to give it that magical, Winter wonderland feel.


The Winter needn’t be dull and dreary – it just takes a little bit of accessorising to eliminate that.