Travel Quiz: Guess the cities from these vintage photos

SAM | 10th April 2020

Travel Quiz: Many of us will have had to postpone this year’s holiday with the outbreak of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a little trip down memory lane and get inspiration for future travel adventures.


To help satisfy this wanderlust, one travel company is lifting people’s spirits with a fun new travel quiz that challenges users to identify cities from vintage photos of some of the most famous and iconic cities in the world, but they’re barely recognisable.


All of the travel quiz photos are iconic locations across Europe which have shaped the continent’s history, but have changed dramatically over the decades.


Historic photography from the British Library and Wellcome collection archives shows how some of these cities have been changes by political and social upheaval – or have grown from small backwater towns to cosmopolitan centres of commerce, culture and tourism.


Travel Quiz: Guess the cities from these vintage photos


Cruise and tour operator Scenic compiled the pictures from the early days of photography,  which offer a glimpse into some of our favourite cities and views we might not have seen before. Some of the pictures are incredibly difficult to identify, without the benefit of the iconic architecture and features we know and love today.


This means the quiz might prove trickier than you’d think – and so far, only 5% of people have manged to get full marks.


Thankfully, Scenic have made things a little easier by giving a little hint for each photograph – which could help the canny among you bump up your scores.


Travel Quiz: Guess the cities from these vintage photos


So, flex your knowledge of the history of the world’s most iconic and stunning cities and see how you score.



So, how did you do? Did you ace the quiz or were you left scratching your head as you explored the cityscapes of yesteryear?