Up and Coming Handmade Childrenswear with a hint of Bohemian

Dhanna Estinozo | 28th November 2017

Children’s fashion is on the rise with an increasing amount of choices but sometimes it can get overwhelming.

Fashion designer Emily Sides, introduces children’s wear to Manchester with “handmade, limited edition [design’s that] you can’t buy in the shops”. These handmade pieces have “imperfections” which is what determines its uniqueness, incorporating that eccentric bohemian style through colourful palettes which ultimately has inspired the name for her brand.

Emily’s clothing ranges from new-borns to 4 year olds. One of her popular products are the dungarees that she describes as the epitome of childhood that promotes practically, enabling a child to have fun and enjoy being a child. The fabrics are sourced from the UK and US using “vibrant, childish colours, prints and textures… to stand out from the crowd” creating individuality, something that can’t be found in a big clothing company that are mass-produced. To extend this uniqueness, she personalises the clothes by embroidering a personal name or initial onto the pocket which adds that extra special detail.

A degree in Fashion Design & Technology has enabled her to gain her technical skills, however she didn’t always know she was going to end up creating children’s clothing. Sides interned for All Saints, Topshop, Ivy and Sam – crafting and constructing garments – and then moved to London to work for a company called, Meng, specialising in hand-dyed silk. She found herself concentrating on womenswear until she found a girl starting her own company in Dolston to which she became a seamstress for. Her passion for fashion design had been expressed through this company as the skills were transferrable with different processes and styles, however she had always wanted  to start her own business. Without her experiences she would not have found her true passion in childrenswear and after 3 years of creating her own brand she hopes to expand her brand into a company with a team.