UP Fitness Has Arrived!

Steph Riley | 10th September 2015

5f7-1LbCrowNnIzqOMOXq6SbMvllYqBMFgrSYSGt6kUUP Fitness started in London and now has gyms in Marbella, Hong Kong, Singapore, Glasgow and now here in Manchester! Based down at the old Granada Studios this gym is serious, the equipment is serious and the instructors mean business! If you really want to change your body and fitness levels, this is the place to do it!

Using Bio Print, which is a scientific breakthrough in changing one’s body composition through spot reduction of fat, my measurements were taken initially with my body fat percentage being at 23%. 

A meal guide is provided to follow during the 6 weeks programme, to ensure you get the maximum results with the nutrition working alongside the exercise, giving you various options and timings of when to eat. Meal preparation is key!


From here we joined the rest of the group for the session with our trainer Mark. Each person was given a set of exercises using the equipment provided with specific weights for each individual and the trainer assessing exactly how  you are working to ensure maximum impact. Some machines I have never seen in a regular gym which were fantastic and I was definitely pushed to my limits, but I kinda liked it!


Day 2 and my legs were sore, going back into the group class I found out it was leg day so I was prepared for the worst – my poor legs! However, new techniques and equipment that once again pushed me to my limits, I got through the session with the help of Mark pushing me on and ensuring I achieved exactly what was set out for me.

I now have a couple of days before my next session but will be working on the cardio side with a run over the weekend as suggested by the trainer, and I am already looking forward to what they have in store next week! This is most definetly not for the faint-hearted or those who like gentle exercise or just standing around posing in a gym, this is the real deal! Wish me luck!