VIVA Met The Experts At The Illamasqua

Tereza Pevna | 14th May 2015


AN EAGER crowd of makeup lovers, artists and industry experts alike, gathered at Selfridges Exchange Square on Friday for an insightful talk with Illmasqua’s very own Spob and Alex Box.
Spob is the head of Professional Development for the makeup brand and Alex is the Creative Director.
This was a rare opportunity to learn what really goes beneath the face of beauty and discover what drives this passionate, devoted and crazy pair.

Before sitting down for a Q & A session with the crowd, who were treated to a trio of special desserts and a glass of San Carlo’s finest Processo, VIVA’s Rebecca managed to get her hands on the pair for an insightful chat to get to know the pair’s  latest beauty trends for Summer 2015 and what they really think about Manchester’s glamour.
The pair both grew up having a mutual appreciation of the arts, never knowing that this world even existed.
Spob was torn between science and the arts and always loved drawing and taking things apart.
She now is known for her artistic flair and attention to detail.
She has worked with some great artists worldwide including Kanye West, the Royal Opera House, and an even worked with the Harry Potter team.

SBOB said: “I used to love drawing I drew cartoons, anything everything anywhere. I didn’t even know this world existed in any way shape or form. You have to spark in interested from an early age, that’s why I am part of the BAFTA team – I go into school speaking about my career to the children.”

Whereas from an early age Alex loved art in any form, and even studied at art school.
ALEX: “I never thought I’d be ever doing this – but it was clear I’d be doing something with art. Never in a million years did I think this. I changed every day – I feel I’m opened ended, I’m on a journey, my journey has recently changed as I have a toddler too, being a mum is my greatest journey, learning every day.”
The ladies lips were truly sealed (in Illmasqua’s red lippy ‘maneater’ of course) about the makeup they kept in their makeup bags referring to it as ‘prototypes’.
“Well we have lots of pot is secrets, Sbob laughed.”
Sbob:“I’m wearing maneater lipstick its great coverage.”

The ladies continued – in Manchester they’re glamourous, head to toe glamour, there is a big divide between office wear and going out of.”
The pair agreed that the girls in Manchester love their night out glam
Alex said: “false, tan, big lashes, the lot  they’re very glam.”

After an insightful chat the pair descended on the stage in San Carlo, where the crowd was able to ask questions to the pair.
A constant question – seemed to involve what makes these woven click and really inspire them.
Inspiration comes in all ways shape and forms for the arty pair including, music, colours, seasons, and people around them.
It was clear to see the pair have touched many people’s lives being a huge inspiration.
A fan named, Nicole even asked Alex to sign her back – which she has now got tattooed on her.
All in all it was clear to see that why these women are an inspiration to the arts, not only are they creative and outgoing – but very humble. Showing that hard work and dedication goes very far, both enjoying work life and family life.
The ladies lips were truly sealed at what they kept in their makeup bags. “It prototypes we’ve created, they’ll be on the shelves in the next few months.” Said Alex.



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