VIVA takes a butcher’s at The Butcher in Ibiza

Chadders | 21st August 2019

Does anyone eat in Ibiza (or sleep come to that). VIVA managed one meal a day on average and no not for the reason you’re thinking.


There’s something to the whole ‘rave repeat’ culture, days that start at midday (we’re not students’ people), lunch at 6pm, going out-out at midnight, that gets you in such a wonderful state of languor, you forget to eat. Wish that would happen at home.


But then when you go out for a meal, boy can you indulge, and you suddenly realise with surprise that you’re actually freakin’ ravenous.


Thank god then we found The Butcher. It’s the type of ‘artisan’ burger joint that wouldn’t be out of place in the northern quarter in terms of fare if not hipster style. In fact, this is neon-lit, clinical in a good way, you want your food made in hospital standards (well not sure if hospital standards are still hospital standards but you get the drift).



You can eat in or take away and on it’s off a major road one side on the way to Ibiza old town so you can do a drive by or stay and eat by the said road (actually there’s a nice terrace bit but it’s more mates than dates).


It started out as a brand in Holland but there’s no need to go Dutch as this (and especially by Ibizan standards) is incredibly reasonable with burgers for under a tenner (Euros) and the quality is outstanding, worth a trip.


It’s a ‘build your own’ concept where you can start with the basics, beef, chicken or veggie/vegan patties and build upwards or adding to your toppings.


I did The Butcher (ooh er missus) which was as good a burger as you can get, while our VIVA gluten-free comrade went naked chicken (they were happy to help) and VIVA man Sam had one with everything he could possibly get on it, on it. All good and very, very good when you just want a meaty mouthful after our lack of appetite.


Sides were great too, with a truffle mayo bringing the house down and the sweet pot of fries just wonderfully sweet and moreish. They serve bottled beers and some fabulous boozy milkshakes as well.


Oh, and there’s a cow hanging upside down in the window – it’s a toy one but still a bit near the knuckle when you’re enjoying a mouthful of well, cow.



VIVA verdict: Definitely worth a trip if you’re craving a proper burger in Ibiza as these are juicy and gorgeous. Wish they were in the UK.