What Are Las Vegas’ True Casino Gems?

Jayna Patel | 17th July 2015

Everybody who enjoys playing casino games needs to visit Las Vegas at some point in their life, this is because it is almost a rite of passage for those who play.


Las Vegas is filled to the brim with so many different casinos they can make it really hard to plan a trip around the many different places to see and experience. This is why doing a little research before buying a trip is a must and so finding out which casinos would be right view will make your trip so much better.


If you’re looking for class and style then look no further than the Bellagio. There is a reason why many films have chosen to take place within this casino, because the decorations and incredible building architecture make this a must visit place. After you’re done playing all the best casino games you’ll definitely want some other forms of entertainment. Fortunately the Bellagio houses a Cirque du Soleil show meaning that you’ll never be bored.


Almost taking things too far is something that Las Vegas does incredibly well and the Venetian hotel and casino is a prime example of this. You would think a casino based around Venice Italy having its own canal would be too much power. Visiting this casino is definitely something everyone should enjoy as not only is it exciting to just visit, the casino games on top of that make it even better.


Standing out from the rest of the buildings, the Wynn hotel and casino is actually to Lord Black towers dominate over the rest of the landscape. Inside however you will find a welcoming casino and hotel filled with all your favourite games as well as many other facilities, including one of the best in-house restaurants you will find in Las Vegas.