What women want: The formula for the perfect first date

VIVA Team | 5th May 2019


Single females in Manchester have revealed what women want when it comes to the perfect first date. The formula for romance is three drinks, five compliments, two hand holds, four flirty looks, two risqué jokes and three playful hair flicks, according to research.


The date should start at 6pm, last three hours, feature two courses of food and there should be one sexual innuendo. And if the date goes well, women see the evening ending with one kiss.


It seems that a lot of men haven’t got the memo as nearly a quarter of women from Manchester (24 percent) have run away from a date because it was so bad.


The research, commissioned by The Midland Hotel in Manchester, found that Mancunian women decide quickly if romance is in the air – they know whether they like their date in just 35 minutes. But it seems you can’t hurry love, as local women estimate that they’ll have to go on 17 dates before they find The One.


Women in Manchester spend an average of 81 minutes preparing for a date, including doing their hair and makeup.


And when it comes to the perfect date night, the research also found that almost half of Mancunian women (48 percent) still wish to be swept off their feet from time to time, believing there is nothing wrong with a bit of old fashioned romance.


In fact, a third (33 percent) of Mancunian females still believe a man should take charge on a date.


Jens Hallman, General Manager of The Midland Hotel, said:  “Even in this modern world, it seems that women still love an old-fashioned date when on the quest to finding love. Our research shows that jokes, a nice meal and a romantic kiss still leave a lasting impression with women.”


The survey revealed that almost half of Mancunian women (50 percent) said the worst thing about a first date is the nerves before it, while 43 percent are anxious about getting the conversation right.


More than a quarter (28 percent) say deciding what to wear is really hard, and a further fifth (22 percent) panic about whether to shake hands, hug or kiss when saying hello to their date.


The worst thing for a partner to do on a first date is constantly talk about his ex according to 20 percent of respondents, while 24 percent are turned off when their date comes on too strong too quickly.


Continually checking your phone is a very modern faux pas for 20 percent of those polled, 15 percent think listening is the most important thing to do, and 16 percent despise people who eat with their mouths open.


The study also reveals that three quarters of women from Manchester prefer meeting someone through a friend, despite the growing popularity of digital dating.