When E.M.A met the Gold Coast’s top breakfast show hosts’ Heather, Dan & Ben from Sea FM

E.M.A | 12th March 2019

Ben Hannant, Heather Maltman & Dan Anstey


So, my #DJAirMiles shenanigans brought me to  Australia a few weeks ago and I’m loving life on the Gold Coast right now!


Besides getting super fit at F45 Training in Helensvale (yes I know you all thought I was just partying 24/7 haha), I’ve been scoping out interesting people in the music industry to chat to about the Ozzy music scene. 


My first choice obviously was Fisher, who is in fact from the Gold Coast, but it’s been hard to track his crazy ass down! So the next best thing was one of his mates from back in their school days, NRL legend Ben Hannant, who co-hosts the biggest breakfast show on the Gold Coast, on 90.9 Sea FM, with radio veteran Dan Anstey plus TV personality and filmmaker Heather Maltman.


It was actually a massive coincidence that Ben was friends with Fisher, the truth is my friend, who I’m staying with over here listens to their breakfast show every morning and said; “you MUST interview them for your column in VIVA”.


So after a bit of stalking, then some back and fourth emails with the lovely PR Coordinator Eliza Elliot, I’d bagged myself some interview time with the trio.

Excited, I headed down to the Sea FM studios, located in Broadbeach and had a very entertaining chat with these three funny peanuts who had quite a lot to say… 


The Sea FM Gold Coast studios


E.M.A: I’ve been listening to your show since I’ve been hanging out in the Gold Coast it’s very entertaining, how long have you guys been doing the breakfast show together for?


Dan: Just over 2 years, we started in Dec 2016 where we did a couple of weeks but started officially in 2017. 


E.M.A: You’ve all got really different backgrounds but you sound like you have a lot of fun together on air and really bounce off each other. Did you guys gel as co-presenters straight away or was it a bit of a struggle at first? 


Ben: It took a while, I was brand new to radio, I’ve been playing Rugby League my whole life then all of a sudden got offered a job on radio. So for someone who can’t read or write I was thinking why have they offered me this! But you learn as you go along and it’s been fun so far! 


E.M.A: Heather congratulations on being a hopscotch champion 3 years running! How did this come about and is this a big sport over here in Oz?


Heather: It’s not a massive sport here on the Gold Coast but in Germany it’s massive the Hoff (David Hasselhoff) got me into it.


Ben Hannant, Heather Maltman & Dan Anstey


But I’ve actually retired now. I had to after there was a moment when the stone was thrown to cancel out the squares and a-pond jumping I slipped and landed on the wrong leg (which you’re not allowed to do. It’s an automatic disqualification) I rolled the ankle and distorted all the ligaments in one leg and one wrist. So my hopscotch days were over, and so that’s why I then applied for the Bachelor! 


E.M.A: Haha! Yes I was going to come on to the subject of the Australian Bachelor next. So my friends over here in Oz made me sign up for the next series because I’ve been single for 3 years and been pretty unlucky with guys in the UK! If I’m successful and get on the show what tips can you give me? 


Heather: Just don’t say anything bitchy and you’ll be fine, and don’t get naked. 


E.M.A: Did you get naked? 


Heather: I did but they cut it out, I terrified the IMDb team. The head editor of the Bachelor, Jeremy had to be admitted to a mental health hospital!   


Dan: Ya there were no survivors! 


Heather: That might have been the reason why I wasn’t on the Bachelorette!


Dan: Many reasons, that was only one of them! 


E.M.A with Ben Hannant, Heather Maltman & Dan Anstey at the Sea FM boat party (photo by Gemma Cargill)


E.M.A: After hearing your exception speech for winning an award for your latest film ‘A Skype Exchange’  I’m very excited to hear what film you will be making next and do you have any Hollywood stars confirmed for it yet? 


Heather: First of all, fun fact: I was naked in this film too! 


Dan: She had to edit it herself this time though!


Heather: I have hassled the Hoff to be in the next one, but he hasn’t been answering any of my emails which is embarrassing! But on a serious note I have pitched an idea to a couple of Ozzy networks, and there is talks of doing a China series about me trying to make it famous in China! I don’t really know anything about China and I cannot speak any Chinese either so we shall see what happens! 


Dan: A few editors know about your Va-china though! 


E.M.A: Haha! Well good luck with your film producing Heather it all sounds very exciting! Ok Dan coming over to you, I’ve watched some of your You Tube videos, you’re quite a funny guy!


Heather: Please don’t say that to him! 


Dan: Thank you so much, these peanuts just don’t give me the credit I deserve! 


E.M.A: The ‘Was That a Dumb Question’ sketch with your wife was brilliant and your questions were mind blowing! 



Dan: This was actually a pitch for a TV show in Melbourne but it never went ahead because I moved to the Gold Coast. 


E.M.A: So I have a ‘dumb question for you,’ how important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? 


Dan: Ohhhh, thats a good one! (Thinking very hard right now). One of my favourite assassinations is JFK, I know we all have our favourites! I think you have to be very very very important! 


E.M.A: Do you guys think you’re important enough to be assassinated? 


Dan: One of us is, but I’m not going to tell you which one because I’m planning to assassinate them. 


Heather: Ok here’s another one for you; if one of us was murdered how long do you think it would stay in the headlines for? 


Dan: I don’t think it would make it! 


E.M.A: Haha! Dan you had great success with your ManSpace TV, now your expecting a baby any thoughts on doing a BabySpace TV series? 


Dan: I don’t want to explore that too much because it’s too much of a good idea! So you and I will have a production meeting later! ManSpace has been great fun we are looking at doing a 3rd series soon and yes bringing a Dad aspect into it would be great! 


Ben Hannant (photo by Gemma Cargill)


E.M.A: Ben I have to say congratulations to being in your early 30s and already having 7 gorgeous kids plus smashing the NRL world, whats your secret to balancing your successful career and family life? 


Ben: When we had our first child our house was so messy and we just thought how the hell can we do this! Fast forward 13 years later with 7 kids and our house is cleaner now than it was then. I think just in time you learn how to progress! And it helps to have an incredible wife as well! 


E.M.A: And all your kids are so beautiful. 


Heather: Children of the Corn! 


Ben: Yes we sing and dance as well!  


E.M.A: I see you’re the man that does all the challenges.


Ben: Yes because I don’t talk very well, so they make me do stuff instead. I don’t pretend to be good at radio. 


Dan: Ben rode a stationary bike for 24 hours to raise money for a lady that had Cancer, his butt is still not recovered, we are going to have to do a charity fund raiser for Bens butt now! 


Heather: He actually refused to get off the bike to the point where it was about 2am, myself and the other producers got a bit worried and got a GP to come down and check on him. He was pulled off the bike by his brother and a couple of others who dragged him to the bathroom, he was gone for not even 10 minutes whilst I kept his pedals moving. He then came back and got straight back on it again! That was the only break he had! 


Ben Hannant, Heather Maltman & Dan Anstey (photo by Gemma Cargill)


Ben: We live in a really good city here where everyone cares about each other, we only had 24 hours preparation and we raised $190,000 for a mother that is doing it tough! 


Dan: Yeah and another guy came down and rode beside you called Todd, who’s an international football player too, the whole of the Gold Coast got behind them. 


Heather: We also did pulling for Paige where we pulled a giant slay up the beach to raise money for a little girl that wanted to be a flower girl for her parents. Sadly she passed away from Cancer and even though they had been through all that, they came down and Jake her Father jumped on a bike and rode next to Ben too. 


Ben: We like to have fun and make people smile on their way to work, but it’s also great to be a mega phone to help out our community as well! 


E.M.A: I saw one of your challenges online Ben when you’re sliding though your offices practically naked on some sort of water slide? 


Ben: I have a scar from that but it was worth it!


Dan: We were getting work done around the office and the carpenters had put a plastic cover down. So we covered it in oil and soap and detergent and Ben slid across it!


E.M.A: I know you guys over here have your iron man challenges which I’ve seen you’ve done before Ben. 


Ben: Yes I did that in Germany. We did a documentary we were raising money for Alzheimer. 


E.M.A: Well over in the UK we have the cheese roll challenge. Do you think you’re man enough to take on this challenge Ben? 


Ben: I would love to do that!


E.M.A: Ok so Ben, VIVA Magazine challenges you to do this! 


Peking Duk at the Sea FM boat party (photo by Gemma Cargill)


You had an epic boat party last weekend with Australia super DJ’s Peking Duck on the new YOT Club, Peking Duk seem to be big party animals what did they order for their rider?


Dan: Whatever they want you give it to them because they get the party going! We’ve had DJs before who have wanted happy socks on their rider but I think Peking Duk just had a few beers. 


E.M.A: Being the biggest radio show on the Gold Coast I’m guessing you get to interview a lot of big international artist. Who has been your most memorable and interesting UK artist you’ve had on your show? 


Dan: Craig David was great fun!


Heather: One of the girls from All Saints, being a 90’s child that was a big moment for me. And the One Direction boys were really nice guys, really laid back and great to chat to. 


Dan: We’ve been trying to get one of the Queens Corgis on but it’s been so tough! 


Ben Hannant, Heather Maltman & Dan Anstey (photo by Gemma Cargill)


E.M.A: Some great talent in the Gold Coast who’s on your radar at the moment? 


Dan: Fisher, Ben knows him, they went to the same school.


Ben: For a bloke that had nothing to do with music at high school he’s done amazingly well. He was going to be a professional surfer and was always about partying and having a good time, then he started a Podcast. He used to live with some of the guys I play football with at the Roosters, the boys paid for him to live with them in the House of Grouse because he was the life and soul of the party, if the boys wanted girls to talk to he’d bring girls round. And then he just all of a sudden got into music and now the worlds his oyster! 


Heather: Also Amy Shark she’s a Broadbeach girl and killing it right now! 


E.M.A: Last question for you guys, Sea FM host some pretty cool parties. For the people out there that haven’t been to a Sea FM shindig before what top tips can you give them to be party ready! 


Dan: You just got to turn up and go with it, they get really loose! I’ve worked at quite a few radio stations and I can honestly say Sea FM get the best looking party crowd and people just want to have fun!


Ben: Nikey got it right… Just Do It! 


It was fun times chatting to these Ozzy radio breakfast show legends, plus good times partying with them on the Sea FM So GC party boat which I will be talking more about, plus featuring an interview with the almighty Peking Duk, in my next #DJAirMiles column out end of March. 


So if you’re ever in Australia’s Gold Coast make sure you tune into Heather, Dan and Ben weekdays 6-9am on 90.9 Sea FM.


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