Who’s Ready For Summer?Don’t Be Afraid To Step Out With Confidence This Season. Here’s Our Advice On How To Achieve That Effortlessly Polished Look

Jen Skehan | 2nd June 2015

summer ready2

Dr Vik, of Dermaskin based in Spinningfields, gives us his top tips to help you shine throughout the summer months. Check out this selection of non-surgical treatments which will ensure that you radiate all summer long.

Teeth-Whitening Treatment

Naturally your smile takes centre stage in your overall appearance so, to be truly selfie-ready for those sunny Instagram moments, your teeth should be in tip-top condition.

If you feel that your teeth are more fifty-shades-of-beige than sparkling white, then a simple teeth-whitening treatment will, without doubt, enhance your beaming smile. Teeth-whitening is now one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available as it is a very safe, pain-free procedure with instant results and so, with the right expertise, you can have an incredible white smile within an hour!

Chemical Facial Peel

It is no surprise that our faces come under attack during the winter and one of the best ways to prepare your face for the summer is to remove the build-up of the resultant dead skin cells to reveal a more radiant glow.

Facial skin peels are powerful exfoliating treatments that target the outer epidermis. They trigger the production of fresh new collagen and, as a result, an all-round, smoother complexion. Impressive results can be achieved in as few as one or two sessions and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and looking younger.

Hyperhidrosis (Botox for Sweating)

Hot and balmy summer days are something we all crave, (especially in Manchester where we really have to make them count!) although, for people who suffer from excessive sweating, humidity and warmer temperatures can be a complete nightmare.

Dr Vik explains that he has seen a huge rise in demand for Hyperhidrosis treatment – something that is no longer offered on the NHS due to funding cuts. This form of Botox is a safe and straightforward way of reducing superabundant sweating by blocking the nerve impulses that contribute to the production of excessive perspiration. Areas suitable for treatment include underarms, hands and feet. Once treated patients feel free of their embarrassing condition, noticing a significant reduction in sweating which can last for up to three months and giving them peace of mind and a renewed confidence.

So be sure to get yourself summer ready and, should our glorious city be blessed with an abundance of beautiful, hazy summer days, you will be truly ready to shine!

All treatments mentioned are available at Dermaskin Clinic, www.dermaskin.co.uk