Where will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spend their Honeymoon?

SAM | 16th May 2018

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle begin their last-minute preparations for their big day, they will certainly want to relax afterwards.

Their wedding day, which takes place on Saturday 19th May, will be one of the most high-profile days of the year and they will undoubtedly be going on a amazing honeymoon.

They are fortunate enough to have the pick of almost everywhere worldwide for their first post-married trip as Royal ‘newly-weds’, but where will they choose?

New research by travel experts reveals what people believe the ideal honeymoon as a couple might look like.

According to Opodo.co.uk the dream honeymoon involves four candle-lit meals, two  treatments, several adrenaline-fuelled-thrill-seeking experiences and at least 3 hours and 37  of sunbathing every day.

The study found that good food (76%), plenty of cocktails (53%), as well as champagne on arrival at a five-star hotel (48%) are also essential for the perfect post-marriage trip. Nothing less will do, of course, for the Prince and our new Princess!

The research reveals that the newlyweds are expected to travel at least 11 hours by plane to reach to their preferred honeymoon destination and spend up to 12 days away.

While the average Brit would like to soak up the sunshine and be showered with love and affection on their honeymoon, they also want it to fulfil their ‘wish list’ of holiday experiences. I’m sure Harry and Meghan will do too…

The average couple in Britain intend to blow at least £2,125 on  the honeymoon of their dreams. That’s a lot less than the Royal couple, I imagine?!

Although some of obvious holiday activities will remain popular during their ultimate honeymoon, such as going to the beach, sightseeing or trips to the spa, the research shows that fundamental cultural experiences while honeymooning are equally as important.

For example, tasting local cuisines (78%), understanding local rituals and history within the area (51%) and visiting galleries (34%) were all cited in the study, as was learning parts of a foreign language (31%), practicing native dance routines (28%) and learning how to cook the local food that they get to taste along the way (23%).   What with Harry being known for his dance moves and we can’t wait to see him throwing some shapes in paparazzi shots of the pair on holiday.

Although the average person still imagines their honeymoon to full of romance, they prefer their post-married break to be coupled with action and adventure.

The most popular adrenaline fuelled activities that newlyweds will try together more than once during their first marital holiday includes: scuba-diving (39%); mountain-climbing (36%); water-skiing (28%); go-karting/racing (26%); windsurfing (20%); sky-diving (20%); shark-cage-diving (19%); caving (19%); bungee-jumping (15%) and air-surfing (13%).


What’s the secret to the perfect honeymoon?

Finding a balance of ‘romantic, relaxation and adventure’ is key for three quarters (75%) of those surveyed, followed by more than half (57%) stipulating that agreeing on the types of activities and adrenaline experiences before departure was important.

Despite forty two percent agreeing that ‘focussing entirely on their partner’s needs’ during the twelve-day holiday is key to a successful honeymoon, when it comes to making decisions, a third (33%) like to keep all their options open to avoid arguing when on a honeymoon and 30% believe that being considerate of their budget helps.

Robert McNamara, Head of Opodo.co.uk, said: “Most people only plan on going on a honeymoon once in their lifetime, so it’s important they get it right. Before you go, think about the places you’ve always wanted to visit or the things you’ve longed to do, and build a trip that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your life.”

The vast-majority (80%) of Brits said that they would choose their ideal honeymoon destination together, while 10% are happy to leave the arrangements to their partner and 7% said they take on sole responsibility of organising the holiday themselves.

When it comes to choosing the perfect honeymoon destination, 38% of 18-25-year-olds are inspired by social media while 16% of all of those surveyed seek inspiration from where their favourite celebrity couples have honeymooned. With the upcoming royal nuptials, 9%  men confess they would be swayed by royal honeymoon destinations, compared to just 5% of women.


Top 20 preferred honeymoon destinations…

  1. Maldives
  2. Mauritius
  3. Aruba
  4. Bali
  5. Bora Bora
  6. New York
  7. Santorini
  8. Venice
  9. Cuba
  10. Dominican Republic
  11. Koh Samui
  12. San Francisco
  13. Paris
  14. South Africa
  15. Buenos Aires
  16. Vancouver
  17. Vietnam
  18. Peru
  19. Mallorca
  20. Botswana

For tips and advice on planning the ideal honeymoon, as well as finding out more information on the ideal honeymoon destination, visit https://www.opodo.co.uk/honeymoon-travel/