World Gin Day: Which Gin Should You Pick?

Paige Tucker | 8th June 2017


The best day ever is soon to arrive on the 10th of June, yes you’ve guessed it, it’s world gin day! So to make sure you get the best gin you can on the day, we have taken the liberty of rounding up our favourite UK gins!

We have gruelingly sipped, mixed and shotted some of the best UK gins, in order to bring you a list of our favourite picks, so you can cheers to having the hard work done for you (even though we secretly loved trying them all!)

Starting at our number 1 in the list, Hayman’s dry gin!


This gin is ultra smooth and a little sneaky which is what we love about it! You could probably drink a whole bottle of this without hardly tasting it, but you would definitely find yourself on the floor next to your bed the next day with god knows what in your hair, so watch out! However, because of it’s non-invasive flavour it makes it the perfect gin to use in any cocktail and to top it off its only £23.62 for a 70cl bottle! You can’t go too wrong at a price like that for a brilliant gin, so this for us is the best buy for world gin day.

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Second in the list goes to Collagin. This innovative drink not only tastes great, but also rejuvenates your skin as you drink! Encased in this delicious drink is anti-ageing botanicals, including: star anise, pink grapefruit and orris. To give your skin that flawless look they have also added pure collegen, which helps keep the skins elasticity and stops those pesky wrinkles from taking over! So try and grab yourself one of these bottles before they all go and say a big cheers to the gin of youthfulness!

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Coming in at number 3, is the award winning Rock Rose gin. This flavourful gin brings a breath of fresh Scottish air to the market and I am pretty sure the Scottish half of my family would never forgive me if I didn’t give Rock Rose a mention. What makes this gin so special is not just the taste, but the sheer amount of hard work that goes into it, they even have a name for their copper still-Elizabeth! Not only does this gin taste delectable its looks also match up! Also with the brand new summer edition out now, you can display it proudly for all your guests on world gin day and for any summer parties!

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Brockmans gin is probably the most sensual looking gin on the list and it has the best smell ever! The 10 botanicals stacked into this gin is probably why it smells and tastes simply amazing and you are bound to impress any guests if you serve this in a cocktail. You could even drink this straight over ice if you feeling it! So if you are looking for the wow factor on world gin day, then this is the gin to choose.

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Now most of you have probably been to the lake district at least once in your life and so you will know that there is a freshness in the air and a feel of release and relaxation when you go to visit. Now, maybe its just the name that is providing a pseudo effect, but this gin really takes me back to the lakes when I drink it. Its a very fresh tasting drink and mixes really well in a variety of different cocktails. So if you are wanting a breath of fresh air to release those weekday stresses then grab yourself a bottle of this!

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Elephant gin comes in at number 6. The gin combines African botanicals with traditional juniper and orange peel, resulting in a spirit that’s floral, fruity, spicy and herbaceous. You are also supporting an amazing cause by purchasing Elephant gin as 15% of their profits go towards two African elephant foundations, Big Life Foundation’s and Space For Elephants Foundation. So you can sip on an amazing gin, knowing that you have contributed to helping two really wonderful and worthwhile foundations.

Buy it now from £29.85



Now as the list gets longer it gets harder to place these amazing gins. Pinkstar was an instant favourite of mine just from looking at it and reading that it was infused with my favourite fruit, raspberries. However, after trying some of the other gins on the list I noticed that Pinkster was actually a pretty strong tasting gin. Some people may really love this about Pinkster, but for me personally I prefer a more subtle taste. But it is hard to resist this pink bottle of joy and it is definitely a gin I would proudly serve to my friends and watch their amazement at its colour!

but it now from £35 



This Celtic wonder is great for those wanting a more unique taste on their world gin day. It is infused with rowan berry, heather, coul blush apple, dandelion, bog myrtle and pure Scottish Highland water. It is a pretty diverse gin despite its unique ingredients and it is perfect for people wanting to try a more aromatic drink on world gin day.

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Cucumber gin is another more unusual alcohol on the list. It has a very fresh yet delicate taste to it and the secret botanicals added into the gin give this a surprising twist. I think for me I haven’t found a mixer to go with this gin that gives me the wow factor and I found it a little pricey. But if you like a simplistic cocktail which tastes yummy, then this is a great gin to add in. All you need is tonic, cucumber, mint, lime and sugar and you have yourself a scrumptious summer cocktail!

Buy now from £39.95



Now although this is at number 10, it is the best gin on the list in term of value for money. You can buy this in your local Aldi store and because it is just your typical gin, it is so diverse! I absolutely love this gin and I think if you don’t want to splash out on world gin day, or if you are a student then this is definitely the gin I would recommend. I have mixed this gin with pretty much everything and it still tastes great and for less then £10 how can you resist?

Buy it from your local Aldi for just £9.97

Mixers & more

For mixers I would recommend Merchant’s Heart, it is a new premium spirit enhancer brand that pairs beautifully with a range of different alcohols and the great thing about it is that it allows the spirit to shine through on the palate. There are 7 flavours to choose from and they are absolutely delicious! You can even buy them in large batches from their website!

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy making the trip out to buy your gin and mixer, then why not get a monthly hamper? There is a great website called Craft gin club where you can subscribe and get a hamper full of treats, sweets and gin delivered to your house every month! They even have a members magazine, which has loads of opportunities in it for you to win different prizes. This month I got Occitan gin, vermouth, popchips, amaretto biscuits and a mini bottle of tonic! So if like me you are a lover of gin or you want to simplify your world gin day then what better way is there to celebrating gin day by becoming a gin club member?

Alternative world gin day

Fancy something other than an alcoholic drink? How about a lemon and gin yogurt? Rachel’s organic have just released their brand new lemon and gin yogurt just in time for world gin day. So you can satisfy both your hunger and gin needs in one! For more information head over to the Rachels Organic website follow them on twitter @RachelsOrganic or give them a like on their facebook: Rachel’s Official Fan Page.