Yoga For Tough Guys: BoxingYoga Is Coming To Manchester

Emma Jane Barlow | 5th May 2015


The latest fitness phenomenon BoxingYoga™ is coming to Manchester.

Originating from a boxing club, BoxingYoga™ is a fusion of the discipline of fitness with the mind set of yoga. It’s initially yoga-based training designed for fighters but it definitely has the potential to reach all of the mainstream gyms. BoxingYoga™ not only improves physical strength and flexibility but it can also prevent injury and maximise overall performance in sport.

Scott Quigg, World Super Bantamweight Boxing Champion recommends BoxingYoga™ he says ‘BoxingYoga™ is a very sport-specific to what I do, and I am definitely going to implement into my training, as it’s going to help me improve in every department. A lot of fighters don’t know how to stretch properly. BoxingYoga™ has everything they need. BoxingYoga™ keeps you young and it keeps you fresh and keeps your body more athletic for a longer period of time, so you can do what you love for longer.’

Matt Mead, Head of Education at Chelsea Football Club Foundation also comments by saying that BoxingYoga™ is ‘Yoga for tough guys. How a yoga regime devised for boxers became a fitness phenomenon. The discipline abandons many of yoga’s more traditional conventions and focuses on more streamlined activity, directly targeting improved sporting performance.’

If you are interested in BoxingYoga™, whether it be participating in a free class or learning about the teaching training course, come along to the three day OM Yoga show at Event City this May.

Starting on the 15th of May and ending on the 17th, you can talk to the founders of Boxing Yoga or find out more information about the teaching training course, that will be taking place at Bells Boxing Club in Altrincham in June. If you are interested in the BoxingYoga™ Teacher Training Course then you can get free tickets by emailing