YouCam Makeup, The Virtual Cosmetic Kit In Your Purse

Andreea Bondor | 27th August 2015

YouCam-Makeup-app-launches-3Designed for the modern woman, YouCam Makeup is a ground breaking app which lets you create makeup looks and hairstyles to match your unique lifestyle. The smart facial detection senses facial features and shapes with greater accuracy than any other app, making cosmetic and hairstyle overlays on portraits true-to-life.

The app makes finding your perfect seasonal makeup style that bit easier – instead of rummaging through dozens of testers in the cosmetics aisles, users can virtually “try on” hundreds of looks or even create their own, transforming their look at the touch of a button.


YouCam Makeup works as a mirror and uses cutting-edge facial mapping technology to detect dozens of facial points in a live-stream effect, so you can apply the look in real-time- it keeps the makeup on your face even when you’re moving about. With a huge array of lipsticks, mascaras, eye shadows, skin smoothing foundations, eyeliners and festival face paints to choose from, finding your perfect summer look has never been so simple.

Now you can experiment with hundreds of makeup and beauty looks that you can then apply in real life. VIVA tried YouCam Makeup and absolutely loved it! It is very precise and your final result looks extremely real. Give it a go if you want to try on some make up looks or if you want to see what you would look like with different hair and eye colours!

Download the App here.