Can you handle the fitness regimes of these nine celebs?

SAM | 8th November 2018


Ever wondered what an average day in the life of an elite athlete or A-lister looks like? How long or little they sleep for, how many meals they eat a day, how often are they hitting the gym and what exercises they’re doing?


The routines of Hollywood’s elite hit the headlines earlier this year, when actor Mark Wahlberg shared his punishing daily regime in response to a Q&A session with fans. But how does his routine compare to other stars and their unique fitness goals?


Whether your fitness focus is bodybuilding, running, or practicing yoga, PureGym have looked at how some of the world’s fitness fanatics shape their routine to balance life, work and well-being.

Need some spinning or road cycling inspiration? At the height of his success Sir Chris Hoy still ensured that he slept for a full nine and a half hours a night, with a respectable alarm time of 7.30am. Whilst cycling was both his career and fitness routine, the six-time Olympic champion still trained for an impressive seven and a half hours a day, focusing on both weight lifting and cardio – all whilst still managing to squeeze in a half an hour nap.


UK boxer Anthony Joshua demonstrates the importance of mixing up your fitness routine, with an average day containing a run, four hours of boxing practise, weight training and an hour-long yoga session, equalling eight and a half hours a day training time.



Fancy yourself as the next Hollywood heavyweight? Say goodbye to lie ins and relaxing mornings. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gets the least sleep, setting his alarm for 4am to ensure he gets his first workout (an hour long run) in before dawn. The actor’s dedication to maintaining a work-life balance is evident, working on average ten-hour days on set, whilst still managing a minimum of two hour-long training sessions.


If yoga and meditation is more your thing, Jennifer Aniston’s daily routine may be of interest. Something of a night owl, the A-list star favours a later bedtime, whilst still ensuring seven hours sleep, with an alarm time of 8am. Once awake she dedicates half an hour to transcendental meditation, before her yoga class mid-morning. The actress also squeezes in a personal spin class and strength training, all before 12pm. With her afternoon dedicated to press junkets and brand endorsement work.


In his heyday Arnold Schwarzenegger followed a regimented routine which saw him get up at 5am and clean his apartment for an hour before beginning his day. This was then followed by five hours of weight training throughout the day, which he scheduled in around his public speaking and event commitments.


Trained dancer Jennifer Lopez may dedicate the shortest amount of time daily to her fitness routine, however the singer/actress admits to working out seven days a week, more than any of the other stars featured. Similarly, to Jennifer Aniston, Lopez also favours meditation in the morning, but unlike her namesake waits until after her morning cardio session.


Looking to beat your running PB? Turn that alarm clock off! Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt favours a slower morning, often not waking until 10am, to ensure he gets a minimum of eight hours of sleep a night. As well as 2 hours of cardio with a focus on speed training, Bolt dedicates an hour and a half to weight training, as well as a time in the afternoon for a sports massage.


Before retirement, Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington dedicated six hours a day to training in the pool, with a further hour and a half-spent strength and weight training in the evening.


Finally, tennis’ world number one, Serena Williams also allows six hours a day for tennis, weight lifting and cardio training, before honouring other work commitments in the afternoon.